Australia: The plastic in the stomachs of 50% of birds

Australia: The plastic in the stomachs of 50% of birds

Large parts of the Australian coastline that stretches almost 36,000 kilometers are contaminated with millions of pieces of plastic that harms sea creatures to the point that they are almost in half of seabirds and turtles thirds in the stomachs found pieces of plastic.

The alarming figure is the result of research by scientists from the agency CSIRO who are along the coast of Australia on the beaches and in the nearby vegetation samples collected waste.

Chris Wilcox, project manager, explains: “About eight million tonnes of waste thrown into the oceans every year. Mostly the worst affected coastal areas of large cities and the illegal disposal of waste on the outskirts of one of the main sources of pollution. We are at our research found almost all waste types. Each type of plastic that exists and that we use in everyday life is widespread along the coast of our continent “.

The scientist says that stopping the pollution of the ocean, as opposed to broader issues such as climate change, there should not be too expensive. Just only several concerns about waste disposal. “Each of the found pieces of plastic once it was somewhere in someone’s hand. It is essential to be cautious in the use of plastics to avoid further damage to the environment,” says Wilcox.

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