Begining of overhaul of the world’s largest hydroelectric power plant

10-year overhaul cycle of world's largest hydroelectric power plant Itaipu starts.

As reported by the American hydro power portal ‘’, after the Itaipu hydroelectric power reached a new world record in the annual electricity production, they announced the 10-year overhaul plan. As pointed out by Itaipu Binacional company in charge of management of the power plant, it has reached its maturity and at the peak of the production, which is why it is necessary to begin the cycle of technical upgrades and replacement of worn-out equipment, of which some parts already are at the end. It will primarily cover the replacement of existing management systems and digital surveillance. It is expected that the costs should be around 500 million dollars, where each year they will perform work on two out of 20 manufacturing units. Call for works and supply of equipment will follow in 2018.

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