Easier access to funds for energy efficiency projects in the Federation – Adoption of the law unblocked access to EU funds

Easier access to funds for energy efficiency projects in the Federation – Adoption of the law unblocked access to EU funds

In the shadow of the parliamentary "no" to the new Law on Pension Insurance of FBiH, last week passed unnoticed adoption of the Law on energy efficiency FBiH, that has been waiting for adoption in the FBiH Parliament for the past two years, and thus opening opportunities for the recruitment of non-repayable EU funds and job creation.

Law on Energy Efficiency, which will take effect after publication in the Official Gazette of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, will result in the creation of conditions for improving the efficiency of energy consumption.

Energy efficiency is a great opportunity for the BiH economy, showed in the study conducted by the World Bank, before they launched the project of energy efficiency in Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to which investments in energy efficiency measures continuously create new jobs, and significant savings in the budget .

Within the IPA significant grants are planned for energy efficiency projects, which BiH did not have access due to the lack of political will for the adoption of regulations.

By adopting the Code, BiH opened the door to new significant funds, and in addition fulfilled its one of the most important obligations, which decreases the risk of sanctions for BiH.

Energy Efficiency Law BiH transposed the requirements of the three Directives, which will be fully implemented through legislative changes.

As explained by Federal Minister of Energy, Industry and Mining Nermin Džindić, the law defines measures to oblige the public sector to become a carrier of energy efficiency activities. More specifically, it will be an example for all the others. This requirement also applies to the introduction of energy-efficiency criteria in public procurement procedures.

One of the EU directives related to the energy performance of buildings, will be during the construction of buildings, their sale or rental, as prescribed by law, will have to ensure the availability of a certificate on the energy performance of the building to the prospective buyers.
Certification of buildings should also include advice on how to improve the energy performance of the building. Energy certificates must produce certified natural and legal persons.

In the Federation currently has 15 companies authorized for certification activities, which made by about 400 certificates.

The plan is to establish a mechanism for regular inspection and assessment of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and energy entities in the law prescribed measures relating to the offer of energy services and other energy efficiency measures to end consumers of energy.

It is defined and a uniform method for calculating the energy efficiency improvements made by the European Commission.

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