Educational training about energy efficiency and environmental protection in primary schools

Educational training about energy efficiency and environmental protection in primary schools

The US Embassy in BiH supported another extremely successful project

With the support of the grant of the US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Association – Center for Education and Raising Awareness of Energy Efficiency – Energis and partner of the Sarajevo Regional Development Agency – SERDA extremely successfully completed the implementation of the “W & E School” – School of energy and waste. The project was implemented in selected primary schools in the Sarajevo Canton. The project wass designed on a broadly confirmed fact that students from lower grades have the greatest capacity to absorb new information and knowledge, and the real fact that the educational system in Bosnia and Herzegovina is often not adequatly or sufficiently, focused on knowledge in the field of efficient energy use and the need to preserve the environment through the care of the waste. Through this project, we noted the lack of practical presentations for students, close examples that can easily be applied in their environment.Through interesting and understandable examples to children, experts in the field of energy efficiency presented the reasons for the reduction of energy consumption, explained the role and importance of renewable energy, and stressed the importance of taking care of the waste and protect the environment. Interactive lectures were held in fifteen primary schools in Canton Sarajevo where had actively participated 488 students of third and fourth grade. All participants were given conveniently designed workbooks, stickers that remind us to save energy, illustrated brochures, T-shirts and environmentally degradable bags.

Lecturers from the Association-Energis and SERDA were impressed by the great interest of children, their active participation and wide range of issues that are posed. “It is necessary to point out that prior knowledge students vary from school to school,” said Hamid Mehinović and Faruk Ceric who were implementers of this project which illustrates that there is no, and that it is still not enough, developed unique approach to this area.

About the effects of the implementation, we found out in a conversation with teachers and parents. “My son is delighted with your presentation and constantly reminds us to put out the lights in the rooms where you do not reside,” said a parent of a student. Another girl, according to the information of its professors, used the label “lights out” in her building and explained all the neighbors what it means. Teachers and parents were pleasantly surprised by how conscientious students are accessing the application tips that were given during the lectures.


Association – Energis is making efforts to find a sponsorship funds to continue the project in all other cantons in the Federation and the achieved results and effects are unquestionable guarantee of success

About Energis: Center for Education and Raising Awareness of Energy Efficiency – Energis is a non-profit, non-governmental organization committed to promoting energy efficiency, clean energy, renewable, healthy environment and their impact on the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina. More on

About SERDA: Sarajevo Regional Development Agency SERDA has been established with a view to a harmonized development of the Sarajevo macro region. SERDA is formed by 32 municipalities, two of the city and the Canton of Sarajevo. SERDA implements projects aimed at improving the business environment, increase employment area, support the use of agriculture and tourism potential of the Sarajevo region and environmental protection. More on

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