Finally! The Federation received the Law on energetic efficiency!

Finally! The Federation received the Law on energetic efficiency!

Federal Minister of Energy, Industry and Mining Nermin Džindić told Fena that the Law on energetic efficiency take effect after publication in the Official Gazette of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, thereby fulfilling one of the obligations of BiH as a signatory of the Treaty establishing the Energy Community.

That is today enabled by adopting the Law in the House of the Federal Parliament, which was previously approved in the House of Representatives.

The law will, he confirmed, result in the creation of conditions for improving the efficiency of energy consumption in the Federation.

– The Act transposes the requirements of the three Directives, which will be fully implemented through legislative changes – said Džindić.

Tentatively, the most important directive applies to energy efficiency in final consumption and energy services, and the law defines measures to oblige the public sector to become responsible for the activities of energy efficiency, that is, would be an example to others of how to implement the obligations in connection with the energy efficiency.

This requirement also applies to the introduction of energy efficiency criteria in public procurement procedures.

One of the EU directives related to the energy performance of buildings, so that during the construction of buildings, their sale or rental, as prescribed by law, will have to ensure the availability of a certificate on the energy performance of the building which will the owner of the building make available to the prospective buyer or renter.

Energy certificates have to work certified physical and legal persons. There , as he says situation should be corrected because it has insufficient energy efficiency studies in higher education institutions in BiH.

– The curriculum for postgraduate studies energy efficiency is introduced and once launched. It is necessary to continually study – considered Džindić.

Provides for the establishment of a mechanism for regular inspection and assessment of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and energy entities in the law prescribed measures relating to the offer of energy services and other energy efficiency measures to end consumers of energy.

Also has been defined and a uniform method for calculating the energy efficiency improvements made by the European Commission.

– A significant feature of investing in energy efficiency is samootplativost investment that is paying off investments from savings through lower energy bills – said Džindić.

In a statement to news agencies Džindić expressed the hope that the application of the energetic efficiency come to reduce the negative environmental impact of the energy sector, improving the security of energy supply and meeting the growing energy demand without significant disturbance.

Otherwise, in the framework of the Fund for the Environment was organized revolving fund through which the projects are financed by credit basis and carried out the return of savings.

Also, the EBRD provided a credit line for Sustainable Energy for apan Balkans which is placed through local banks participating companies that grant credit facilities to companies and local governments.

Only through a line of credit 2 in BiH has implemented 31 projects of energy efficiency, of which 29 in the Federation. Of these projects, 22 projects relating to the industry six to infrastructure, and three in the building of small and medium-sized enterprises.

These projects directly show how and in what manner the energy efficacy affects the sustainable energy and overall development.

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