Geothermal energy: Serbia has a very big potential

Geothermal energy: Serbia has a very big potential

The total amount of thermal energy that is accumulated, located in 60 sites of geothermal resources in Serbia at a depth of three kilometers two times greater than the amount of heat that could be obtained from combustion of carbon stocks that Serbia has, according to new research published on Tuesday.

Serbia, therefore, has great potential for the use of geothermal energy, but its current use is symbolic because the maximum benefits are in health, sports and recreational purposes.

Unlike Hungary, which today focuses on the exploitation of electricity production in Serbia because of the high cost of using geothermal wells annually, many give up on such projects.

To develop awareness of the problem and the importance and benefits of the use of geothermal energy in the country which has rich sources of geothermal energy, EU Build, Build Energy Team-BET and Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, under the institutional auspices of the Energy City of Belgrade and the Faculty of Mining, Geology, University of Belgrade, are organizing a conference “Geothermal energy in our backyard,” which will be on July 14 at 11 am held at the Belgrade chamber of Commerce, in Knez Milos 12th.

The conference was organized to draw attention to the geothermal potential and the advantages of using geothermal energy in Serbia, emphasize the importance of using geothermal energy as a stable and cost-effective renewable energy sources, both in households and in the economic and social organizations, to present examples of good practice in the use of geothermal energy Serbia and displays the legal framework for the use of geothermal energy, as well as the most appropriate method of financing the exploitation of renewable energy sources.

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