Meeting of the Government of of HNK with representatives of GIZ and USAID

Meeting of the Government of of HNK with representatives of GIZ and USAID

Dr. sc. Nevenka Herzegovina, Prime Minister of the Herzegovina - Neretva Canton, today attended a meeting where they discussed the possibilities of cooperation of the Government of HNK with USAID and the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) on investment projects in the energy sector (USAID EIA) and the provision of technical assistance in the field of obtaining permits and the development of markets for renewable energy.

As noted during the meeting, USAID EIA and GIZ are working to identify the barriers to investment in the energy sector with particular emphasis on the laws and regulations, and building and developing the capacity of competent authorities involved in the process of obtaining permits for the construction of electric power facilities. The goal of these activities is to formulate a proposal for the removal of obstacles which would be stimulated new investments and day boost future economic development. Also, it was pointed out that one of the planned activities detailed sectoral and multi-sectoral analysis of the obstacles for the construction of electricity infrastructure in various fields, such as construction and spatial planning, water management, environmental protection and concessions. These activities include the analysis of the harmonization of the legal framework in these areas, and capacity building at all levels aimed at removing barriers to investment in the power sector.

Prime Minister Herceg, noting significant natural resources of HNK, stressed the government’s commitment to cooperate on projects related to energy, and in a special way renewable energy. He recalled how the Government has taken significant actions to the Spatial Plan and the Development Strategy of HNK, which are a prerequisite for stronger investment in various fields, including the energy field. He said he also full readiness for greater involvement of the Government in the projects of USAID and GIZ presented at the meeting.

With the prime minister of Herceg, the meeting was attended by Zeljko Laketić, Minister of Economy, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Environment and the Prime Minister of the Government, and Jarczynski Lutz, project manager and Hamid Mehinović, advisor for renewable energy GIZ and Mak Kamenica, Deputy Director of the project, Elmira Pašagić, an expert on legal affairs and Eldar Tunjić, legal specialist from USAID EIA.

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