Enrgy and just transition

Aktivni učesnici u obrazovanju javnosti

Sustainable projects for all

Smart and sustainable solutions

Center for Education and Raising Awareness of Energy Efficiency - Energis is a non-profit, non-governmental organization committed to promoting energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, urban mobility, a healthy environment and their impact on the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
We are an active participant in educating the public through informing the population and actively participating in the development of legal and regulatory framework.
Energy efficiency
Renewable energy sources
Climate change
Urban mobility
Smart cities

Our projects


Improving the environmental characteristics of the river Jale by modernizing the wastewater treatment system in the Cement Factory Lukavac / Client Fabrika Cementa Lukavac


Poboljšanje ekoloških karakteristika rijeke Jale modernizacijom sistema tretmana otpadnih voda u Fabrici cementa Lukavac


Vodič za povećanje energetske efikasnosti u domaćinstvu


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