Take a look at Bosnia’s energy mix

Take a look at Bosnia’s energy mix

Bosnia and Herzegovina last year produced more than 12 mil. T of coal

Bosnia and Herzegovina last year imported 218 015 000 m3 of natural gas, of which its consumption in the energy sector amounted to 55,461,000 m3. The final consumption of natural gas, which last year amounted to 161 968 000 m3, the industry accounts for 55%, households with 25.2% and other consumers with 19.8%, the data of the Agency for Statistics of BiH announced.

When it comes to last year’s production of coal in BiH, it amounted to 12,172,292 tons, of which it produced 6,173,652 tons of black coal and 5,998,640 tons of lignite. The consumption in the energy sector black coal accounts for 47%, lignite by 42.7% and coal by 10.3%.

In final consumption, which in 2015 amounted to 936,582 tons of coal, black coal accounts for 55.2%, lignite 41.8% and coal with three percent. The final consumption of coal households are represented by 22.6%, other consumers by 45.8%. Last year, the production of coke in BiH amounted to 911,497 tons, of which 286,312 tons were exported. In the energy sector spent 410,200 tons of coke, and the rest of 36,910 tons in the industrial sector.

Renewable Energy Projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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