This Floating Gym Is Sick And Energy Efficient

This Floating Gym Is Sick And Energy Efficient

There's a few problems when it comes to gyms. One of those is that you're always forced to look at the same setting while you work out. Certain people use the the mirror to make sure they're the view they get to look at, others choose to look at a blank wall, while the rest stare out of the window. This floating gym in Paris changes all of that, and means you work out as you drift down Seine River.

Designed by Italian architects Carlo Ratti Associati, it uses energy generated by people working out to power it down stream, making it environmental.

While on board gym-goers will be able to feast their eyes upon the Eiffel Tower and other Paris attractions.

The gym is 20 metres long, and can hold up to 45 people who can use the on board bikes and cross trainers.

There is real time information about the area’s environmental conditions as the machines invert the pedal power into electricity which fuels the boat.

“The Paris Navigating Gym investigates the potential of harnessing human power,” Carlo Ratti said. “It’s fascinating to see how the energy generated by a workout at the gym can actually help to propel a boat. It provides one with a tangible experience of what lies behind the often abstract notion of ‘electric power’.”

It’ll be extra quirky for people to check-in here on Facebook, but I reckon some people will still want to have mirrors on board so they can take selfies.

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