Project Development

Do you have a project idea and do not know how to put it on paper? Energis can help turn your ideas into a project proposal with which you can apply to the relevant parties.u.

Feasibility Studies

Including techno-economic analysis with a range of parameters of profitability, such as net savings, investment return period of investment, the investment payback period, net present value, rate of net present value, internal rate of return, etc.



We are providing a wide range of technical assistance in the field of energy efficiency improvement projects with the primary goal to contribute to the development of the society of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Energy Research and Analysis

We provide our client with energy research and analysis in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Development of Pilot Projects

We can assist you in the development of pilot projects in the field of renewable energy, improving energy efficiency, environmental management and waste management that initiate sustainable development

Energy Policy

Our professional staff can provide consulting services on the legislation in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy

Education / Training

With top experts in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy Energis organizes education and training for employees of public institutions, small and medium enterprises as well as students and unemployed persons.

Energy Audits

Energis can provide energy audit in facilities (household, industries, buildings) with or without an thermographic imaging