What when they close the last coal mine in Germany?

What when they close the last coal mine in Germany?

And when 2018 is closed and the last coal mine in Germany, the need for that energy will continue to be great.

While the last German coal mine is going to stop working in 2018, Germany in the next few decades will not be able to waive this fossil fuel. Since the 2022, the last nuclear power plant to be placed out of service, and the share of renewable energy in electricity production was only 31 percent, coal will remain an important energy source.

It will be secured by importing, and to 55 million tons per year, as it explains Franz-Josef VODOPIJA, head of the Association of importers of coal: “Two-thirds of this amount will be needed power, a third steel industry. A little will go on the market heating “.

In the wake of withdrawal of exploitation coal, quantity and ore excavated in Germany in 2016 amounted to just 3.8 million tonnes. Without coal from imports, the needs in this country would not have even remotely been met. Most of the coal imported 2015 is used to generate electricity.

In recent years, coal has arrived in Germany, mainly from China and South Africa. That changed, because China has to import about 200 million tons of coal annually. Now, as says Vodopija, the main partners of Russia with 15 and Colombia with 10 million tons, and it should add 6 million tonnes from the United States.

The volume of world trade in coal last year amounted to about 1.1 billion tons. A Association of importers of coal are convinced that coal will continue to use the 2050’s.

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